Don’t Dispose of Your Garbage Disposal

Don’t Dispose of Your Garbage Disposal

Call Daugherty Plumbing in Temple, Belton & Killeen, TX to repair it

Has your garbage disposal stopped working? Before you spend money on a new unit – or get in over your head with a big replacement project – call Daugherty Plumbing to the rescue. We have years of experience diagnosing and repairing issues related to garbage disposals.

Call 254-982-9109 if your garbage disposal:

  • Has stopped functioning.
  • Is jammed by a foreign object.
  • Grinds poorly.
  • Leaks water underneath the sink.

Remember: Garbage disposals can be dangerous equipment! Leave the repair work to a trained professional.

Does your garbage disposal need replacement?

Our Temple, Belton & Killeen, TX plumbers will do their best to fix your broken disposal unit, but nothing lasts forever. If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, trust Daugherty Plumbing to recommend and install the best product for your needs. Call us at 254-982-9109 to learn your options.